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Circulating supply
30,720,299 MUSH
Total supply
44,053,834 MUSH
Max. supply
45,248,888 MUSH

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About Mushroom

Founded on the merits of consensus, Mushroom is a community-driven digital currency supporting financial freedom. We provide control of the development process, resources and decision making authority directly to the community, censorship resistant, fully decentralized, no company or government control Mushroom. An economy based on value, not surveillance.

Launched on February 7, 2021, our digital currency (MUSH) lets you be your own bank. .Some of our benefits include, the ability to control your own funds with your wallet as proof of ownership - no third parties necessary. Internet money may be new, but it’s secured by proven cryptography. This protects your wallet, your MUSH, your holdings and your transactions. With peer-to-peer payments, you can send your MUSH without any intermediary service like a bank. It’s like handing cash over in-person, but you can it securely with anyone, anywhere, anytime. No centralized control. Mushroom is decentralized and global. There is no company or bank that can decide to print more MUSH, or change the terms of use. Open to anyone, you only need an Internet connection and a wallet to accept MUSH. You don’t need access to a bank account to accept payments or earn value. A more private currency, with the attributes that accompany financial freedom.

A proliferation of diverse thinking, we started Mushroom with just a few software engineers, idealists, and enthusiasts from all over the world. We launched the project with the help of contributors, each one completing tasks to advance the project simultaneously. The community has built a digital currency utilizing Ethereum's blockchain, bold new ways for people to make money online, and so much more. It's open to everyone, wherever you are in the world – all you need is the internet. We got this far from each one in the community doing a task, because Mushroom is not and never will be about just one individual. We believe that small acts, when multiplied by thousands of people, can transform the world.