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The Multicoin (MTCN) is the sole medium-of-exchange on (MOM), a leading blockchain-based marketplace where everybody can buy and sell everything from computers, to electronics to luxury goods and more, on a p2p basis, powered by Ethereum smart contracts.

The Multicoin is also the sole medium-of-payment on (LetterBox), the world’s first messaging app where all users are verified by their legal names and postal addresses via a proof-of-address at signup, to eliminate pseudonymity. LetterBox will be integrating a lite version of MOM as its p2p marketplace enabling individuals and businesses to buy and sell goods and services and pay for everyday expenses such as food, drinks, utility bills and more, directly with Multicoins directly from the LetterBox built-in wallet.

The Multicoin, MoM and LetterBox were created and founded by Peter Alfred-Adekeye, the former technical leader at Cisco systems in Silicon Valley, responsible for maintaining the integrity of IOS, the software that runs majority of the world’s Internet networks.

Peter is also the founder of, the world’s leading independent provider of pre-emptive cyber defence and software integrity maintenance services for all Internet networks.

In 2006 Peter created as an exclusive invitation-only engineering community for the world’s leading computer scientists, technical leaders, distinguished engineers and cryptographers. Some of the renowned members of Pingsta include the late Dr Lawrence Roberts, the designer of ARPAnet, the precursor to the Internet, and the late Hal Finney, the legendary cryptographer who is strongly believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin and inventor of blockchain technology. 

Peter holds a BSc degree with honours in Civil Engineering from University of Ife and has completed executive education from Stanford University in Palo Alto.

MOM and LetterBox are maintained by MOM Foundation in Monaco.