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1,583,070 MYIELD
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About MuesliSwap Yield Token

MuesliSwap is adding Liquidity Pools to both Milkomeda and Cardano mainnet step by step. To incentivize liquidity provision within the MuesliSwap protocol, we introduce the Muesli Yield Token.

Muesli Yield will have a limited set of utilities on Milkomeda (none on Cardano mainnet) and can be staked to earn MILK call options.

By staking the Muesli Yield Token, you can transform it into MILK call options (1 call option = 1 MILK token) with an exercise price of 1 ADA, and without any expiry date.

You stake 100 MYIELD for 30 days to get 1 MILK call option. This staking process can be repeated multiple times untill all of the allocated MILK tokens are distributed.

Please note: Initially, we planned that MYIELD will be burnt after earning the MILK call option. After community feedback we decided that MYIELD can be staked and MILK call options can be earned multiple times until the allocated amount of 1 million MILK call options (= 1 Million MILK tokens) has been distributed. This means the token will not be burnt after participating in staking. After this initial distribution phase, MYIELD will have a limited set of utilities on Milkomeda. MILK will still be the main governance and utility token for both MuesliSwap on Milkomeda and Cardano mainnet.

Note: Staking of Muesli Yield tokens is expected to go live once Liquidity pools are launched on Cardano mainnet (expected end of April 2022). Farming on Milkomeda is expected to go live earlier. This is the first time ever that you can farm call options. We are excited to bring new professional trading instruments to the Cardano network - keeping MuesliSwap at the forefront of innovation in DeFi.