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Self-reported circulating supply
519,444,444,444,445 $MRPOTATO
Total supply
555,555,555,555,555 $MRPOTATO
Max. supply
555,555,555,555,555 $MRPOTATO

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About Mr Potato Token

MrPotato is based on a nostalgic meme character that inspired a generation as a Toy and then generation X as a movie character, now the popular meme is breaking into the Crypto space. Doxxed & KYC Team with between 6-10 years experience have developed the MrPotatoNFT token ecosystem concept over 12 months. The Smart contracts developed include DEX , P2P swap Game , SuperRare NFT Marketplace managed by Smart contract factory, ERC721 NFT Staking and ERC20 Token Staking. The MetaPotato Gamefi rewards MrPotatoNFT holders by airdropping MetaPotato MetaParts every day. The $MrPotato token has a fair launch on the Ethereum blockchain. SC is audited and Renounced. The core Team have 2.5% of the tokens which are locked for 6 months Liquidty is Locked for 12 months Join the community and Farm the Potato Harvest