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MozzaToken is a community run asset on the ERC-20 blockchain. Launched on February 8, 2022, MOZZA quickly made clear what they wanted to achieve. MOZZA offers a unique spin on community run tokens in that it aims to allow holders of the coin to stake their tokens. Holders that stake their token will be able to vote in collaboration with the popular DAO voting platform Holders of the coin also will be able to vote but at slightly lesser rates. Doing so ensures that there is a proper incentive to stake your coin on top of reaping in rewards. MOZZA token plans on extending outwards to different forms of social media including, but not limited to, Facebook, Discord, WeChat, TikTok, and Instagram. The main aim for MOZZA token is to offer a token that improves upon the failures of what many other crypto tokens set out to achieve. Another interesting feature of MOZZA is that there are occasional buybacks that get paired with ETH and added into liquidity. This is able to happen because MOZZA has allocated some funds to help guarantee token-price stability and long term growth. Another utilization of the tax fee for MOZZA is to help pay for future upcoming developments and marketing. With the community DAO voting system, the community can truly choose where they want marketing and developmental funds to be allocated to. Allowing a truly run community token encourages a thriving community that can branch out and find more utility along the way to help stabilize and legitimize the token in an ever-changing market. With weekly voice calls for transparency, active community feedback, a legitimate voting system, and monthly updated Litepapers, MOZZA figures to be one of the first movers in creating a "truly-run" community token rather than one that is only in name.