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Self-reported circulating supply
Total supply
100,000,000 MHT
Max. supply
100,000,000 MHT
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About Mouse Haunt Token

It has a limited supply of 100,000,000 tokens. It is deflationary, and built to be a governance token. We want to take advantage of the decentralization of the cryptocurrency world and empower our users to be part of and help steer the direction that we take the Mouse Haunt Universe.

At the beginning of the project, $MHT will be the core reward token and so be a fantastic attractor to our growing player base. That said, it's important to note that the play-to-earn $MHT rewards will decrease as time goes by.

It will take shape of a more valuable and scarce asset as the bulk of the rewards goes towards the best players or players that have the rarest NFTs and play in higher leagues.

Casual players and the ones that can't participate in higher leagues won't be left aside, as they still have the chance to earn $MHT if they rank very highly on the top of their leagues and also they will be earning another token, $MCHEESE.