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Moon Stop (MNSTP)’s primary use cases are NFT farming and privacy. Moon Stop claims to be the first meme coin to be compatible with Typhoon and utilize their ZkSnark technology. Moon Stop is also a frictionless Yield & Liquidity Generation Token with a 9% fee: 5% auto-locks in Pancake LP, and the other 4% is re-distributed to coin holders.

Moon Stop is also deflationary and coin burns happen at community decided milestones and marketcap increments. Coins can be used for staking, resulting in points redeemable for NFT’s. NFT’s are then tradable on the secondary market. Certain high point NFT’s will also be redeemable for rewards in the form of BNB and Moon Stop coins.

The team aims to create a community where everyone has an equal opportunity to win. For every piece of content you create, you may be eligible to have your work featured in the Moon Stop meme farm.

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