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190,835,577 MOON
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2,000,000,000 MOON
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About Moon

Moon is an ecosystem committed to the goal of providing an expansive and evolving technology platform. Utilizing the potential of the blockchain, Moon will host a staking, farming, P2E gaming platforms, and more. Moon allows you to earn passive income through our utilities reward system.

As the world shifts from the ways of old, into a more advanced technological state, blockchain technology is at the forefront of this paradigm. With countless ways to utilize the ever growing space of networks, Moon will provide an expansive network of revenue generating platforms, and will evolve as the technology progresses.

Within our Moon Mission, holders will be able to earn rewards for staking, farming, P2E gaming, and more. But, most importantly, Moon will reach out to a wider network of individuals and groups, outside of those who understand and invest in cryptocurrency.

With the launch of Moon, the staking platform and MoonSwap will be the first utilities to use, immediately available at project launch. Staking allows a holder to verify transactions in a more energy efficient and eco-friendly manner, while providing rewards to stake holders. You commit your crypto assets to help maintain the security of the network, confirm transactions, and support the efficiency of the network. MoonSwap is a decentralized trading protocol that allows investors to trade on the BSC Network through a PancakeV2 router with a faster network. MoonSwap aims to bring more utilities to the crypto trading market, and to make it more accessible to everyone, iterating existing technology into better and more polished experience & interface.

After successful launch of the project, development will continue at a faster pace to meet the business development and project growth goals set out by the team members. MoonDex will be a fully operational multi-chain Decentralized Exchange platform that will provide charting, trading, tracking and limit order capability packaged into a sleek design that offers advertisement space for other crypto projects, launched and upcoming tokens as well.

MoonPlay and MoonFarm will be released in 3rd quarter of 2022 also providing new yield generating utility to the Moon token. Gamers used to be among the outcasts of societal norms. As we approach a new frontier in blockchain technology, more and more gamers and tech gurus are at the precipice of a dominating shift in financial freedom. MoonPlay will provide incentives with Play-2-Earn rewards due, in large part, to NFT's, or Non-Fungible Tokens. Farming a cryptocurrency is an investment strategy that allows asset holders to add their Moon assets to a yield farming pool, in return for an APY. Harvesting Moon holdings is a risk-free way to earn a passive income, as other potential holders will be able to borrow assets from the lending platform.