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Welcome to Moo Monster, Place where you can enjoy your adventures in the Mooniverse (metaverse) and earn money as a reward. Moo Monster is a free-to-play and play-to-earn game. You can easily access the game via Android, and iOS mobile devices. The game's story will be played by players taking on the role of adventurers. Until one day he finds himself waking up in a "Mooniverse". This world is full of Moo monsters (pigs) for no reason. He must face many dangers to find the truth and to return to the world he was in. Stepping path, causing both friends and enemies including monsters (pigs) to come together to help overcome obstacles that only one person can't fight, and with the strength of both thus giving rise to the power of evolution that even the gods had to keep an eye on this journey. To play the game, the player must form a team from the characters that the player has. To fight enemies in various obstacles, Players must take into the combat abilities of their own and enemy units. About winning the way - losing the way and finding the enemy's weak point. So that players will go down to collect levels and experience from playing to develop their own units to be better and overcome any obstacles that are waiting for you.