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Self-reported circulating supply
105,120,000 MONA
Total supply
105,120,000 MONA
Max. supply
105,120,000 MONA

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Introducing Mona ($MONA): The Original Japanese Meme Token

In the world of cryptocurrency, where meme tokens have taken the market by storm, Mona ($MONA) stands as the true pioneer. As the first-ever Japanese meme coin, Mona Coin predates the rise of popular INU tokens, making it the origin of all cat and dog-inspired tokens that have captured the crypto community's attention.

Mona ($MONA) distinguishes itself from the crowd with its unique features. One standout aspect is its zero-tax mechanism, ensuring that holders can transact and trade without worrying about additional fees. This favorable tax structure allows for a seamless and cost-effective experience for Mona enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the Mona token is built on a foundation of robust security and transparency. The liquidity of the token has been burned, contributing to its scarcity and enhancing its value proposition. Additionally, the contract governing the Mona token has been renounced, further solidifying its decentralized nature and providing increased trust and reliability for users.

As the original Japanese meme token, Mona ($MONA) holds a special place in the cryptocurrency landscape. With its innovative features and commitment to security, transparency, and decentralization, Mona continues to attract a growing community of supporters and believers. Stay tuned to witness the evolution of Mona as it continues to shape the meme token space and inspire the birth of future viral digital assets.