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65,000,000 MNTE
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65,000,000 MNTE
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About Mintera Token

What is Mintera?

Mintera is a climate positive financial ecosystem. It offers a hub of digital investment products, revenue streams and perks with positive impact on the environment. Mintera develops safe, reliable and innovative investment solutions backed by real assets and strong environmental commitments.

Mintera Token (MNTE) is the native utility token that is used to:

  • Access all Mintera investment products.
  • Join the Mintera community and access exclusive perks.
  • Fund climate positive projects.
  • Execute Governance votes.

Some of the first steps on the Mintera roadmap include:

  • Green Mining Yield: Mintera's first dApp - a real yield in stablecoins powered by Mintera's green mining operation.
  • Other net positive investment products offering passive income opportunities.
  • Mintera Grant Program: a program designed to kickstart, accelerate, mentor and scale climate positive projects.
  • Emerald Pass: NFT membership with exclusive perks: private channels, exclusive content and investment opportunities, privileged access to the Mintera leadership.
  • Climate-positive NFTs.
  • Mintera debit card: all-in-one offramp to use your Mintera Tokens in the real world

How many Mintera Tokens are there in circulation?

How is Mintera climate positive?

Who is the core team of Mintera?

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