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Self-reported circulating supply
4,008,934 MIVRS
Total supply
Max. supply
192,726,228 MIVRS

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About Minionverse

The first game to be launched is Minionverse, a combination of a classic tower defense with trading card game where the player’s aim is to attack enemy bases to destroy their defenses so they can steal their treasures. To do this they'll have the help of not only their main hero but also a wide array of creatures they can summon using cards.

The cards in Minionverse let players summon different kinds of creatures like goblins and trolls and cast powerful spells on their enemies. Of course, players can unlock and upgrade the cards in their deck as they play and get the treasure.

To use each card in the game, players need to invest $MIVRS. Each card, depending on its power, costs a certain amount of $MIVRS that has to be paid upfront. Players need to be strategic about using their cards, as they don't want to end up without any $MIVRS at the worst possible moment.