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Circulating supply
100,000,000 MBLOX
Total supply
100,000,000 MBLOX
Max. supply
100,000,000 MBLOX
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About MinerBlox

MinerBlox is a play2earn game on the BSC network where players can build and manage their own virtual mining machines (RIGs) by minting GPUs (NFT) to increase your Hash Power and earn MBLOX.

In Minerblox you mint GPUs with different rarities and HashPower to create and manage mining RIGs in real time and get MBLOX tokens as a reward. You can also hire the AutoMiner function that will enable you to keep your machine working with full power with less effort. Your rewards are collected every 15 minutes of mining, that correspond to the duration of each block. More HashPower your RIG has, more MBLOX you get.

Trought the Marketplace it will be possible to buy increasing powerful GPU cards to maximize profits. All mining components will be collectible and salable NFTs through the Marketplace itself.