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Self-reported circulating supply
2,151,795,100 SWARM
Total supply
5,000,000,000 SWARM
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About MIM

What Is MIM?

MIM is a swarm of music producers, recording artists, visual artists, video makers and designers, creating content bound for the metaverse. MIM releases virtual artists, sample packs, producer tools, merchandise and NFTs. The creative process of making music becomes collaborative and shared by the community.

What is the MIM token?

The main purpose of the MIM token is to reward creators in the MIM community and participants can receive rewards based on different forms of contributions related to virtual artists, samples packs and memes. The MIM token can also be used to buy products and gain access to exclusive content created by the swarm.

The MIM token is an SPL token issued on the Solana blockchain. The project resides on Solana due to its fast transaction speed, scalability, low cost per transaction and low environmental impact.

Why virtual artists?

MIM aims to build the future of music through virtual artists. Virtual characters in the metaverse allow for community-driven collaboration and democratic forms of artistic expression beyond human limitations. A swarm of creators made up of producers, designers, visual artists, singers and songwriters come together to build virtual pop stars and influencers for different countries and genres. These specialized teams are offered rewards in MIM for their work.

Why sample packs?

MIM has an ongoing series of sample packs for music producers to create their own music. MIM aims to inspire music producers on their musical journey and help them to improve their skills. Each sample pack contains new material from different artists and producers from the MIM community.

Why NFTs?

MIM re-imagines merchandise in music, releasing NFTs from its virtual characters and the community. NFTs allows the each member to get access to exclusive content, become part of the creative process of an virtual artist and access other benefits related to MIM.

How many MIM tokens are there in circulation?

At the time of writing the current circulating supply of MIM is 2.1 Billion tokens. The token was released via a "Fair Launch" approach in July 2021, with a maximum supply of 5 Billion MIM tokens. Minting has been disabled for MIM and offers no possibility to mint more than 5 Billion tokens. 47.2% of the tokens are issued at launch, the remaining being locked up in a token vesting program for scheduled release. The MIM token is distributed as follows:

50% Contributor tokens distributed over several years and locked in a SPL program 40% Fair Launch Liquidity on Serum Dex, issued immediately 10% Operations - issued immediately to the team for use in 2021 and 2022.

Who are the founders of MIM?

Spread across the world, MIM comes from diverse backgrounds ranging from cryptography to brand strategy and design, to music production and performance. A shared life-long interest and experience in music connects the team.