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Self-reported circulating supply
34,000 METR
Total supply
100,000 METR
Max. supply
100,000 METR

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About Metria

Metria Network is a project that has embarked on a mission to create a multichain ecosystem that enables seamless transfer of value and assets across multiple blockchains. The project aims to address the issue of blockchain fragmentation, scalability, and high transaction fees, without compromising on the security or decentralization. Metria Network will be launching its own standalone, EVM compatible blockchain protocol on which the entire Metria ecosystem will be built. The Metria chain will be designed keeping the needs of DeFi and NFT applications in mind, to provide an all-round single-platform solution that can work in conjunction with an existing blockchain protocols. The blockchain protocol will be accompanied by critical supporting infrastructure like the blockchain agnostic decentralized exchange – Metria DEX and a NFT Marketplace to enable easy adoption by both new and existing projects alike. To ensure multichain compatibility, Metria infrastructure will include a two-way cross-chain EVM compatible bridge capable of supporting the transfer of crypto assets to and from Metria chain and a wide range of blockchain networks including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Polkadot, Cardano and more. As a package, the Metria Network will be positioning itself as a unified ecosystem where all blockchains can interoperate, exchange value, and build a sustainable liquidity marketplace for NFTs and utility tokens.