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Self-reported circulating supply
1,618,434 MTVR
Total supply
499,500,000 MTVR
Max. supply
499,500,000 MTVR

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About MetaVersana

Metaversana is a virtual world, created and owned by its users based on the Solana blockchain in virtual reality with realistic graphics. It will be built on Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. It is a universal platform that will connect games, decentralized applications, and social interactions to create a real Metaverse. Our development will be carried out with the help of a highly qualified, experienced and competent teams but also with strong strategic partners, leaders in the crypto-currency market who will support us in the growth of the project. Our goal is to provide users with an unparalleled experience, as Metaversana will provide its users with a real-life experience in all aspects. Metaversana has been built on the principle of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). It will be entirely owned by its users who will have the power to decide on all proposed improvements and modifications. Thus, users will participate in the future of Metaversana. Creators and active users will be rewarded for their work, their commitment, their contributions in MTVR and NFT tokens. Businesses and brand partners in Metaversana will be directly connected with our users and will be able to provide goods and services in Metaversana as in real life. Individuals and businesses will be able to own their own digital real estate by buying their plots of land on the Metaversana Marketplace or secondary marketplaces. These plots can then be operated, rented out, or made available for free for various events hosted by the owner. Owners will be able to build anything they can imagine on their land using one or more software programs that we want to integrate directly into Metaversana to simplify its use. All assets received in-game or created by users are stored on the Solana blockchain as NFTs.