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Self-reported circulating supply
1,952,822 MTK
Total supply
992,176,895 MTK
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 MTK

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About Metatoken

What Is Metatoken (MTK)?

MetaToken is a key currency that starts with Metaverse 2 and plays a key role in building a huge ecosystem by combining the blockchain network with Metaverse 2 World and other metaverse services and NFT services. MetaToken aims to connect all metaverse services.

Metatokens are basic utility tokens used for:

  • Goods for all land, item, and resource transactions within the Metaverse 2 platform
  • Goods for all item transactions within the Metaverse 2 World platform
  • Fees for advertising services and rentals within the entire Metaverse 2 platform

Meta tokens are used in various places such as content usage fees within Metaverse 2 and can be obtained through mining. In addition, within Metaverse 2, users can produce NFT items through the Metaverse 2 editor and trade directly with Meta tokens or through external markets. Users can mine meta tokens from their tiles. As for the amount of meta token mining, when the landmark mining amount is 100%, 95% of the meta token is mined in semi-landmark, and 90% of the meta token is mined in general land, and the amount of tokens mined is proportional to the land price.

The meta token ecosystem will be connected and developed with blockchain services around the world in the future.

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