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Self-reported circulating supply
4,400,000 MSP
Total supply
500,000,000 MSP
Max. supply
500,000,000 MSP

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About MetaSpets

What is MetaSpets? MetaSpets is a Turn-based Idle RPG that takes place in a magical post-apocalyptic. As the last surviving humans, you will meet wondrous sentient pets who can become your companions and guardians, and together venture into the fantastical world.

The Team: The game is developed by a Singaporean company, Wise Balance. CEO-Founder Tom Bui used to live and work in the U.S for seven years and had a wide array of work experiences in the gaming industry with names like Disney, Amanotes, and other personal projects. Wise Balance’s CMO Chanie Lam has deep customer insights and she used to work for Wacom. CTO Logan Le and other developers have more than eight years of experience in large-scale systems (using AWS, Python, & Firebase), online security measures, and Unity technology. Wise Balance also has veteran advisors with practical knowledge in economic professions, cryptocurrency, and finance. MetaSpets will run a part of IDO on the top-tier launchpad GameFi and the rest on their own Dapps. The game retains a steady number of investors & partners who can support the project more effectively, focusing on quality instead of quantity.

MetaSpet’s uniqueness: MetaSpets solely focuses on the quality of UX, gameplay, story, graphic, and server stability. There are over 60 unique pets with distinctive art and animation. The game promises to bring the next and the true definition of gamefi with fun gameplay, and a balanced & automatic economy. MetaSpets puts a strong emphasis on anti-inflation for NFTs and tokens, ensuring every NFT will have value and purpose to use in the game. The economy encourages a steady cycle of production and usage (burn), avoiding an excessive amount of NFTs minted at any given time. There are primary game modes: PvE, Leaderboard (for Boss Raids, PvP, Guild Wars), and Land Rentals. Each feature will be released steadily to ensure stability and a good experience.

How Many MetaSpets’s tokens in Circulation? The total supply is 500,000,000, according to the following distribution: Private Sale: 8% IDO: 1% Liquidity: 5% Marketing:10% Core team and advisors: 18% Play-to-earn: 40% Reserve: 13%

MetaSpets’s network: MetaSpets is run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSC is secured using a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. 21 validators are elected every 24 hours to validate transactions and maintain the blockchain’s security. These validators have to stake a certain amount of Binance Coin (BNB) with Binance to be eligible. MetaSpets has been audited by Verichains.

Where can you Buy MetaSpets’s tokens? The token is available on Pancakeswap.