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About METArcade

The vision of METArcade is to fundamentally reinvent the way metaverse and blockchain projects are developed. With a keen eye for user experience, we are building a secure and sophisticated platform, that is necessarily easy to use.

METArcade will empower the layman individual or team to be able to produce their project from the ground up, with little to no previous experience and under expert dev guidance. Our systems will also give more experienced crypto creators a way to fully automate their processes and create a workflow with high efficiency.

As an example, an artist would come to METArcade in need of assistance in launching a PFP NFT series. They just provide the artwork assets divided into category folders, which are then uploaded directly to the user interface portal. After customizing the individual attributes of the collection and paying the required $META vending tokens, the METArcade NFT Launchpad will generate, encode and then deploy the NFT project in its entirety from start to finish. The finished product will then be presented to customer and users a-like on its own customizable dApp front-end at Within minutes, individual elements are turned into a fully shipped package and ready for marketing.

Multiple other areas of crypto creation will be covered through additional launchpads currently under development. These include an in-house token launchpad, metaverse game launchpad and easy liquidity locks through our trusted partners.

Aside from the price positive nature of our utility token, there are additional investor incentives to purchasing $META. Tokens may be staked at the Arcade, where they will then receive a fee on all transactions that happen through the ‘METAphor’ - a swap for those users who are utilizing the platform, in need of tokens, and between our holders who are contributing to the liquidity pool. This share of transaction fees will give a larger return on the staked $META. In future the METAphor will become the hub and trust-less DAO that will maintain certain areas of the Arcade through community participation and incentivization.

METArcade is being developed on the Ethereum network, with plans to offer multi-chain services in the future.

Our goal at METArcade is to broaden the base of metaverse and blockchain creative participation, to reach out to the not so crypto or tech savvy people, whose time and expertise is better spent on the creative asset development and marketing.