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Metagaming is a new cryptocurrency token. It was launched recently in the market. Experts are thinking about the rapid increase in the value of the Metagaming token. One of the primary reasons behind this is the increase in Defi (decentralized finance) tokens. History says that all decentralized finance-based tokens proliferate. This token has unique characters as compared to other digital currencies. This token is a token paired with a game. Currently, holders will earn Metagaming through the tokenomics of the Metagaming token and participate in events. This project was developed by true gamers who want people to enjoy and earn at the same time. People can earn Metagaming rewards with every game they play. Currently MetaGaming is currently in progress and working with partners to bring this game to action as soon as possible. MetaGaming cares about his community and is not going to make them wait for this awesome experience. The game is based on blockchain technology. Due to the transparency and security of blockchain, the gameplay is completely fair and without any third-party involvement. In the game, there are 4 big sections Games, Club, Wallet, Friends.