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About MetaGameHub DAO

What Is MetaGameHub DAO (MGH DAO)?

MetaGameHub DAO is a hub for open metaverse experiences. MGH is engaged in populating & monetizing LANDs, building games on them and creating unique experiences for communities around the globe.

MGH solves multiple problems the NFT and Metaverse space is currently facing by:

  • A valuation algorithm to estimate the fair price of Metaverse LANDs combined with a user-friendly interface to evaluate LANDs

  • Creating state-of-the-art metaverse experiences in form of community hubs, games, events and more...

  • Offering the dcl-editor that makes building in Decentraland a children’s game

  • A Chainlink Oracle to push valuation data on-chain

MGH is the native utility token of the DAO and it is used...

  • as a medium of exchange for services within MGH’s ecosystem

  • for staking linked to revenue-backed network rewards

  • to participate in the governance of the MGH DAO

How does MGH's token model work?

How Many MGH Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Who Are the Initiators of MGH DAO?

Where Can I Buy MGH?