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MetaF1 builds a bridge between Formula 1 and the open metaverse, offering games, developers and investors innovative ways to connect and provide opportunities for every gamer. Whether casual or professional, to make money by doing what they love, thanks to the MetaF1 network and the cryptocurrency, MetaF1 token(F1T).

As the MetaF1 team, our key focus is to maximize open Meta-data transfer technology on the blockchain, among other integrations for gamers, developers and investors. The vision of MetaF1 is to create a decentralized open Metaverse with Formula 1 excitement! Many advantages await players and investors in this open Metaverse. They can join races, bet on races, participate in prize-winning tournaments, create and trade NFTs and meet real Formula 1 legends...

In addition, players and investors can join Formula 1 organizations with their MetaF1(F1T) tokens and collect the NFTs of these moments in their wallets in the future.