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Meta Cloth is an organization that supplies meta-universe clothing. Meta Cloth want to create a beautiful meta-universe, so that every meta-universe character can have a good-looking dress, or they can customize their own clothing. In meta-universe, every citizen needs to wear clothing, and needs clothing with different scenes, such as sportswear, casual wear, beachwear, and so on.

We are an autonomous community that provides costumes for the residents of Meta Universe. Our projects include: Community building, clothing design, NFT design, NFT trading, SWAP, pledge mining and games.

To cast clothing NFT, you must first select the fabric NFT, depending on the fabric, the quality of the cast clothing is also different. The quality of clothing cast by different qualities will be different, and the basic selling price will also be different.

Game Fi As the name suggests, you can exercise through this game and you can also make money. Was it a pleasant surprise? Next, let me introduce this game to you. First, you need to select your gender, height, and weight to sync to the APP. Second, you have to choose your sportswear (that is, you need to have a clothing NFT to start the game) We will issue rewards based on your exercise time and heart rate.

About Meta Cloth token: Total amount: One thousand trillion Destruction: 50% Taxes: 8% (3% liquidity pool, 5% marketing)