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Single.Earth works with landowners land managers, and organizations who commit to preserving their mature forests and abide by the Single.Earth Acceptable Forest Management Practices. Each MERIT is linked to and funds a specific plot of land.

They use satellite data, geospatial engineering, and machine learning to represent nature with a global Digital Twin. The model allows us to automatically assess and monitor each plot of land for its forest coverage, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity.

Based on the evaluated ecological values, Single.Earth starts issuing MERIT tokens to the landowner’s digital wallet. Using blockchain technology, we can connect money with nature and create MERIT. Instead of harvesting, landowners get a regular income for allowing their forests to grow.

Individuals and businesses can buy MERIT via the Single.Earth marketplace as 1) a direct nature-positive contribution for achieving ESG goals 2) or a virtual asset that helps build the world’s first nature-backed digital currency that values living nature.