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Self-reported circulating supply
22,197,315 MTRL
Total supply
100,000,000 MTRL
Max. supply
100,000,000 MTRL

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About Material

Material allows users to leverage ownership of their own identities - it acts as the mechanism that brings users together on Web3 platforms, inspiring communities to form and congregate to create a more inclusive and decentralized ecosystem.

When shifting from the current digital world to the newly created Web3, each user takes ownership of their own Decentralized Identifier (DID). Once established, connections are made and digital neighborhoods are assembled, where Material is used to enhance the experience.

Material connects creators, thinkers, and doers, enabling platforms to share ideas, inspire, connect, explore, and foster countless possibilities through ownership. Material eliminates complexities in existing Web3 processes and provides a mechanism to create a mutual benefit and immense value to all users.

MTRL is a pre-mined and non-inflationary token where only 100 million units will ever exist. Fractions of MTRL can be used on the network, meaning that supply will never be an issue when servicing multiple pseudonymous, anonymous, and known Web3 identities of the nearly 8 billion people in the world.

MTRL is an ERC-20 token and a unique asset given its multiple key features, such as identity enhancement, community access, providing verifiable attributes, and enabling gated entry to digital identities.