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Self-reported circulating supply
30,000,000 LOTT
Total supply
100,000,000 LOTT
Max. supply
100,000,000 LOTT

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LOT.TRADE (LOT) platform represents gamification and popularization of crypto trading through regular tournaments, battles and challenges with the goal of being the best trader in the world. Customize tournaments and Win Big Prize Pools. Betting for gamblers. NFTs as winners’ reward and authorization access: Professional LOT.TRADE of Cryptocurrency Traders/Gamers; Official Ranking of the World’s Best Traders/Gamers.

How it works: Step 1 – free trader’s registration in the LOT.TRADE and linking to his exchange/LP/NFT platfrom trade account (a member of the LOT.TRADE doesn’t have any extra hassles, as he trades in his exchange dashboard); Step 2 – contributing a tournament fee and playing a tournament (for example, 10,000 participants of a tournament with a tournament fee of 100 BUSD form a prize pool of 1 million BUSD which a winner will get net of the LOT.TRADE's commission); Step 3 – smart-contract players ranking and prize distribution (winners of a tournament are defined by the best ratio of profit to deposit during the tournament). Decentralized and distributed LOT architecture is based on a core of two distributed registers: Blockchain #1:

BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is used as an optimal one from the perspective of:

· Transaction fee and technical characteristics; · Ownership register and circulation of LOTT and its derivatives; · Game NFT certificates; · Implementation of tournament smart contracts and liquidity pool; · Governance and other protocols.

Blockchain #2:

IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) is a distributed file system integrated with the BSC for storing and accessing large amounts of game and graphical information also associated with the NFT.

Decentralized and distributed LOT architecture provides · All time players’ assets control via BSC non-custodial wallets and tournament smart contracts; · Tournaments` smart contracts with programmed and transparent logic of games, distribution of prize pools and rating points; · Unified transparent and automated rating logic; · Decentralized mechanism of tokenization, commission distribution and LOTT liquidity supply; · DAO-mechanism for protocol management and project development.