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About Loop Finance

What Is Loop Finance (LOOP)?

Loop Finance is the first decentralized exchange on the Terra blockchain with incentivized liquidity pools.

LOOP is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Accrual of value from swaps performed on the exchange
  • Governance votes

Loop Finance platform includes other features such as:

  • A way for any Terra based project to create farms for their liquidity providers and incentivize them with their own tokens
  • A tokenized content community that allows users to earn tokens from creating educational content about blockchains and cryptocurrencies
  • A listing of all Terra tokens with their market cap, price, and circulating supply

How Many LOOP Tokens Are There in Circulation?

LOOP Protocol launched its token on August 11, 2021 with 1 billion LOOP tokens created at genesis. The tokens will be distributed over a 5 year period: 29% in the first year, 29% in the second year, 22% in the third year, 10% in the fourth year, and 10% in the fifth year.


Team: 15% Liquidity Mining: 25% Partnerships: 20% Community Treasury: 25% Investors: 15%

Who Are the Founders of Loop Finance?

Loop Finance was co-founded by an Australian team of entrepreneurs and software developers. Tom Norwood, Simon Rahme, Marcela Rodriguez, Eric East, Chad Stephens, and Marco Tebaldi.

The project now employs more than 15 staff, including developers and content creators from around the world.

Where Can I Buy Loop Finance tokens (LOOP)?

LOOP tokens will be available for trading both on Terraswap and Loop's own DEX in September 2021.