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20,682 LOBI
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20,682 LOBI

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About Lobis

Lobis is an protocol specialized to participate in DeFi governance.

Our community determines a basket of governance tokens e.g. CRV and FXS to back $LOBI. These reserves give anyone the ability to $LOBI, creating more voting groups through a meta governance token, a gateway to DeFi. We believe that by strengthening the pillars of DeFi such as Curve we strengthen the whole ecosystem. We want to normalize the idea of alliances that work in tandem to promote and grow protocols.

Lobis is an open-source Protocol. Anyone can contribute. We are built to (3,3), anyone can buidl with us, anyone can shape the future of Lobis. The protocol is maintained by various independent developers or ""Envoy’s"" of Lobis and is governed by $LOBI holders. A system of points, bounties, and rewards will incentivize contributions in every area of the DAO.