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What Is Live Crypto Party (LCP)?

LIVE CRYPTO PARTY (LCP™) is a fully inclusive blockchain powered proprietary party-to-earn metaverse and event platform that rewards users in NFTs and Cryptocurrency like BNB, BUSD and the utility token LCP for online and offline interactions and experiences.

Live Crypto Party is committed to becoming a fully inclusive, anti racist, multicultural decentralised platform.

Live Crypto Party already has a functional product where the community can Vote and Add their favourite cryptocurrency project with their tickets bought with LCP, BNB, BUSD and other crypto payment options listed on the website. The Crypto with the most votes is named the currency of the day and is promoted on the Live Crypto Party website.

The Unique buyback feature allows users to sell the cryptocurrency of the day back to the platform for an increased profit of up to 80%. It is an automated process throughout the platform. The Live Crypto Party website features a user dashboard where holders referred to as LCPIANS can login in using their public address to check how many tokens they have earned by referring friends and family to the party or event.

The team is currently developing a metaverse where people can host parties and events and make real life connections while also earning cryptocurrencies such as the utility token; LCP and NFTs as they engage and have fun on the blockchain.

LCP is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Fees for processing transactions on the Live Crypto Party ecosystem and used for platform sustainability
  • Used for governance votes to determine parties or events to be hosted on the Live Crypto Party platform
  • To redeem goods and services and buy NFTs on the Live Crypto Party marketplace

How Many LCP Coins Are There in Circulation?

LCP launched its mainnet on Aug-27-2021 with 1 billion LCP tokens created on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

Holders receive 15% of the supply in the form of referral rewards, airdrops, and corporate social responsibility programmes. 10% is allocated to partnership and listings. Up to 50% of all LCP redeemed for a product on our platform is burned periodically to reduce circulation supply and create scarcity. Holders earn returns by staking multiple currency on the platform currently, you can. stake LCP on the Live Crypto Party website to earn up to 50% returns.

Find more details on the whitepaper:

Who Are the Founders of Live Crypto Party?

Live Crypto Party is the brainchild of Roseline Ebunobi who is a social entrepreneur and computer engineer with a Masters in Business Administration, MBA.

Roseline shared the idea with her best friend Chiamaka Muruako who is a Lawyer with a Masters in Business and Entrepreneurship in October, 2019. During that period Roseline was recovering from a fatal breakdown caused by the loss of her only kid sister. She therefore channelled her grief to creating Live Crypto Party.

Chiamaka ran an empowerment and digital skills centre with Roseline and worked closely with Roseline through the infant stage of Live Crypto Party. Further down the road, George Hall became part of the team and has since shown unwavering dedication and devotion to the project.

Live Crypto Party has become what it is now with a team of experienced developers and creators from diverse backgrounds who continue to show commitment to a common goal.

Where Can I Buy Live Crypto Party (LCP)?

LCP is available for trading on Safemoon Swap, a promising decentralised exchange with a BNB (Smart Chain) Pair. You can swap BNB (Smart Chain) for LCP and vice versa as well as other tokens like BUSD that are available on the SWAP.

Safemoon offers a BNB (Smart Chain) pair for LCP and can be swapped for other currencies.