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Self-reported circulating supply
9,147,988,614,052 LTN
Total supply
9,147,988,614,052 LTN
Max. supply
10,000,000,000,000 LTN

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What Is Life Token?

Life Token is a unique cryptocurrency that raises funds for suicide prevention efforts. In less than a month after launching the project on the Binance network, they raised nearly 1 million USD for the cause. The Life Token community does not want the coin to be confused as other frivolous meme cryptocurrencies. They have a serious mission to help prevent suicide while helping investors earn rewards with their funds. Additionally, they seek to set up an NFT marketplace, introduce staking, and provide their own suicide hotline. Their donation process is documented every Friday with live twitch streaming.

Life Token is a charity orientated token on the Binance Smart Chain. Our aim is to aid Suicide Prevention charities all over the world, to help save lives.

Life Token has renowned tokenomics:

  • 5% fee from all transactions is put aside and donated to suicide prevention charities bi-weekly.
  • 1% fee is burnt )
  • 4% is redistributed to all the holders