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Libertas (launched in July 2020) is a hybrid decentralised Podcast infrastructure and streaming platform, created to promote unimpeded traffic between content creators and listeners and to empower everyone with the simplicity and freedom to distribute, monetise and stream original audio content.

The Libertas Token is built on a decentralised model to ensure transparency and fairness. The Libertas Vox platform is built on top of IPFS (a hypermedia protocol designed to make the web faster, safer and more open) which enables content to be distributed amongst countless nodes thus ensuring data perpetuity. The result is content that is free of DDoS attacks and is uncensorable.

Why was Libertas created?

Libertas was born with the best interests of its users at heart, to solve issues arising from unfair revenue sharing, abuse of user privacy, arbitrary blocking of revenue by traditional payment processors, rampant censorship, deplatforming and forced content among others.

How are blocking of revenue and unfair revenue sharing solved?

Decentralisation is key in preventing payments to content creators from being blocked. By leveraging the power of decentralisation, donations to content creators on Libertas Vox are split to ensure 90% of the revenue goes straight to the content creators themselves, with the remaining 10% split as follows; 1% is burnt forever thus reducing the overall supply, 4.5% is split proportionally between stakers, and 4.5% is added to the developer fund to ensure continued innovation, development and maintenance of the ecosystem.

How is forced content addressed?

We believe content should not be forced upon users. Our unique Liberate functionality is a way for users to promote content they like, by allocating their Libertas balance (without spending any tokens) to creators, channels or shows, to boost exposure organically instead of using easily exploitable algorithms.

What is the Libertas Token used for?

The Libertas Token is an ERC-20 utility token which can be used to tip or reward content creators, Liberate content, subscribe to channels, purchase content, pay-per-stream, earn through revenue sharing, staking, premium NFTs and more.

How will Libertas fund itself?

The Libertas users, community and their best interests are at the heart of everything we do. As such, the primary source of revenue is the nominal 4.5% portion of revenue added to the developer fund.