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Welcome To LESLAR Metaverse!

LESLAR Metaverse is a cyber future themed digital world. Where every person in the metaverse can meet, communicate, play, work, and even compete virtually. Leslar Metaverse connects real-world businesses with the digital world creating a sustainable economic ecosystem. There are four main business pillars in Leslar Metaverse, which consist of gaming, staking, merchandising and education.

The Leslar Metaverse Game Leslar Metaverse game focuses on the concept of Free-to-Play & Play-to-Earn. This allows Leslar Metaverse to reach a large number of users and create a passive income cycle for players.

Players can collect various NFTs to strengthen their army and become the best in the Leslar Metaverse. Various competitions will be held regularly to appreciate the best players and give them prizes. . NFT Leslar Metaverse will launch four variants of the NFT Leslarian with different uniqueness and specialties. The LESLAR Metaverse NFT collections have utility and can also be used for various purposes in the real world and in games.

NFT Marketplace Leslar Metaverse will create an NFT Marketplace that can trade various NFTs. Leslar Metaverse NFT Marketplace will later benefit from transaction fees which are then distributed to $LESLAR holders through staking.

Users can also stake NFT to get various benefits in the real world and also in The Leslar Metaverse Game.

LESLARDAO (Staking) $LESLAR can be staked to get various benefits that will later be offered in Clubs. $LESLAR holders will also receive dividends from the real business profits of Leslar Metaverse. The advantage is that the profits distributed to holders come from real businesses so that it will not disrupt the supply of $LESLAR and keep prices stable.

Merchandise Leslar Metaverse will sell various merchandise in physical and digital form. Profits from this real business will be shared to $LESLAR holders through LESLARDAO Staking. The potential target market for this mechandise business is huge because we are a social media kingdom in Indonesia with a total number of followers of approximately 50 million from the founders' followers. Imagine if 1% of them buy our merchandise products, how much profit can be obtained from this business.