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Circulating supply
Total supply
286,103,065,591,976 LABRA
Max. supply
1,000,000,000,000,000 LABRA

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About LabraCoin

Labracoin is a deflationary meme token. Every holder is staking automatically. The staking reward comes from transactions. 1% of every transaction goes to holders and 1% of every transaction gets burned immediately.

The goal is to have a true competitor for Doge but smarter. Incentivizing holders and burning 1% on every transaction makes it more fun. There is a serious team behind Labra and 70% of the maximum supply has already been burned.

Labra is short for ''Labrador Retriever''. Which is the most popular dog in the whole world. The ticker that is being used is $LABRA. So it easily recognizable.

All initial liquidity has been locked and 70% of the maximum supply is burned. The maximum supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000. But now only 30% remains in circulation with everyday 1% of every transaction is getting burned. This means it is truely deflationary.

What do we want to achieve? We want to be the most fun meme token in the crypto space. Which is hard to achieve because of $doge position. But with a smart strategy, we are aiming for the moon.

Who is behind Labracoin? Labra Finance is developed by a group of DeFi enthusiasts.

What is next for Labracoin? The team is focused on getting visibility first before reaching out to exchanges.

The team is actively sharing the progress of Labra on their Socials.