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Who are the Founders of King Floki (KING)?

King Floki is the first BSC Token owned by Travladd & Benson, backed by Krakovia as main developer. They are developing new utilities for the entire ecosystem and most important, for their holders.

Managed by two of the best influencers on the BSC, King Floki aims to stand above all the meme coins, giving a real utility and usage to the token. The team is also backed up by a tremendous support team with a Frontend Developer, Developer, NFT and 3D Designer, and a Marketing Manager.

What Is King Floki (KING)?

King Floki is a token held by one of the strongest teams in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network from a marketing and technical point of view.

They are a community-led project aiming to create a metaverse accessible from cell phones, PCs and tablets where it will be possible to have access to all the services and products that the King Floki project will offer. Imagine a world with buildings, street billboards and attractions where each building represents various utilities such as NFT museums, trading centers with swaps, bridges, and charts on the walls, staking platforms, etc. Each element of the metaverse will be an NFT and in fact in v2 there will be the possibility to buy land and buildings and manage them as you want with the possibility of creating parties, concerts, social events and whatever you want.

King will create a Habbo-style ecosystem that will welcome many services and products related to the world of cryptocurrencies, also aims to create partnerships with other tokens that will be able to buy land to offer their services and products and will be able to sponsor themselves with adv that we will offer on placed billboards on the streets or above buildings. In short, the goal is to create a vast ecosystem where earnings will come from everywhere that will be reinvested within the metaverse to offer increased products and services, increasing the experience with a totally 3D world with VR integration.

Who Are the Partners of King Floki (KING)?

King Floki is partnered with AMA Central and SAFU reviews as well as Gollum’s Gems and over 10 international youtubers.