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JustMoney is building an ecosystem for the next generation of decentralized applications to power Web3 and DeFi.

JM is the utility token of JustMoney.

JustMoney’s main product is which is an AMM multi-chain DEX.

Launched on 17/08/2021, is a decentralized, automated market maker (AMM) exchange. Its decentralized finance (DeFi) application allows users to swap tokens and provide liquidity for various cryptocurrency pairs. is a multi-chain swap that, at the time of writing, supports Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Polygon, Zenith and Bittorrent Chains. Each chain has a full taxed token support meaning that liquidity adding and removal is tax free and estimated amounts on UI are calculated correctly taking the tax into account.

Other products and tools include:

  • JustMoney Launchpad which is the launching platform for AMM “fair launches”
  • A web widget for projects to be used on their own web sites
  • A telegram bot for listed projects for pricing and charting
  • JustMoney Bridge for transferring assets between chains. At the moment supports Tron, BSC, Polygon and Bittorrent chains.
  •, a gifting platform where users can send cryptocurrency as gift with an e-card.

Where can I buy JUSTMONEY token (JM)?

JM is available for trading mosty on their own but also on PancakeSwap (BSC), Quickswap (Polygon), Sunswap (Tron).