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Self-reported circulating supply
2,400,000 JUJUBE
Total supply
100,000,000 JUJUBE
Max. supply
100,000,000 JUJUBE

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About JujubeFinance

Jujube Finance is an innovative platform built on #Aptos and #Sui, providing AMM Dex & NFT & GameFiDE services. Its basic functions include exchange, liquidity, pool, and farm. Users can also stake NFTs to generate JUJUBE income. Jujube Kindom is a unique game system within the platform, making Jujube's ecosystem more complete.

Jujube Finance started its testnet in November 2022 and issued "Jujube Early Member" NFTs on the mainnet. The DEX will go live on the mainnet on March 3, 2023. After the project goes live, it will integrate with cross-chain bridge projects to inject more liquidity. In the second quarter of 2023, the following plans will be implemented: Launch the "Jujube Supernova NFT" program. Launch jujube featured games and jujube featured markets. Launch the jujube IDO platform.

Regarding the JUJUBE Token, the platform will use a portion of the transaction fee from Jujubeswap to repurchase and destroy JUJUBE. Users can also invest in vJUJUBE to become members and enjoy other member benefits such as transfer, burning, distribution, etc.