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Joker is a coin created by a development team of 16 people who are behind the creation of an e-game peer-to-peer card game called JokerBank. Joker is based on a community of people, but unlike regular fun coins, the Joker has a clear purpose and vision.

The goal of Joker is to create a strong community while working to expand its own Joker platform with the JokerBank pilot project already in operation. Joker will bring fresh air to the online entertainment segment in a completely new, unique way. The Joker ‘lives' up to its name and does things a little differently - in its own way. In practice, this means a unique e-gaming gamble peer-to-peer game where the Joker will be implemented as a currency.

At a later stage, the Joker aims to conquer the world of live chat and create its own live chat platform in a completely original way. This all under one platform called the Joker app. Joker app means a revolution in using and understanding cryptocurrencies. Joker app will unify all lifestyle-related segments within one application and offer users the opportunity to draw various discounts and bonuses according to the volume of coins held.