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Launched in September 2021, iqcoin has arrived to make the best impression on the market. We are a platform for NFT, nft games and financial education. (cryptocurrency) completely decentralized (independent) with immediate listing, liquidity block and improved transaction speed.

Designed to become more scarce;

Innovating with automatic and manual burning.

Strategically, the business was initially designed with a focus on growth and experience and community education, respecting and being transparent with users


Iqcoin does not depend on any governmental or financial company, without Fees and Taxes, it is a peer-to-peer transaction (Person to Person) thus aiming at the rights of citizens and avoiding the "social engineering" project being developed by the authorities with our data.

Improved transaction speeds: you don't have to wait; everything happens practically in "real time bringing transparency and security to our community


NFT Marketplace IQ Coin

NFT Marketplace IQ Coin is a BNB-based platform that facilitates the creation, sale and purchase of proprietary rights to digital artworks through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique cryptographic assets used to represent unique items such as collectibles and artwork, which allow the creation of unique unique items, and which allow the creation of multiple editions of an item. NFT Marketplace IQ Coin allows you to create, buy and sell NFT digital art such as photographs, games and memes and more. For future minting, you will only need to pay transaction fees, although they vary depending on network congestion. When you decide to sell NFTs you've created, the NFT art marketplace makes it possible for you to collect NFT royalties on sales, which means you can collect a percentage of the sales price not just when you sell your NFT for the first time, but potentially also on subsequent sales of your NFT to third parties (for example, when the person you sell to decides to sell the NFT to someone else).

Master Copy Trade

Earn with Us - A New Age of Investments Access different technology platforms for different investment objectives. Join us and get access to the best products available on the market. Master Copy Trade allows you to copy a professional trader and his trades on the platform, we have several different platforms and robots for trading in the financial market Using the iqcoin token to pay operator fees

NFT GAMES As mentioned above, blockchain based games allow players to have permanent ownership and full control over their in-game assets, which is almost always represented by this unique NFT token, like the BNB tokens in the Binance network structure. These assets can be cards, skins, equipment, characters, rewards etc. The big difference is that regardless of the type of asset, they all exist in the form of these blockchain tokens, which are maintained by the distributed network and can be freely traded between anyone without the need for a controller or intermediary.

education We provide our community the course platform for free in financial education Education about the financial market and projects related to social actions.