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Self-reported circulating supply
30,000,000,000 IOT
Total supply
30,000,000,000 IOT
Max. supply
30,000,000,000 IOT

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About Iotec

The iotec token proposes an innovative approach in the blockchain ecosystem, positioning itself as a multifaceted solution that seeks to integrate the functionality of staking, a commission-free delivery platform, and the issuance of NFT-based certificates for educational institutions.

The staking mechanism of iotec is designed to reward token holders who choose to lock their coins to aid in the security and operation of the network. This process not only provides a passive earning potential for users through staking rewards but also strengthens the network itself by enhancing its security and stability. Long-term committed users can benefit from this feature, bolstering trust in the iotec token as a value reserve.

Moreover, iotec stands out for its proprietary delivery platform that charges no commission. This innovation aims to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the food industry, allowing them to retain a larger share of their profits compared to traditional delivery platforms. The decentralization inherent in blockchain technology means that restaurants can connect directly with customers, removing middlemen and, consequently, additional fees.

Another revolutionary aspect of iotec is the issuance of certificates for educational institutions in the form of NFTs. This method ensures authenticity, immutability, and easy verification of completion certificates and other academic documents. By transforming them into NFTs, iotec ensures that these documents are fraud-proof and permanently accessible on the blockchain, facilitating validation by employers and other educational organizations.

These initiatives place iotec as a distinctive player in the world of cryptocurrencies, seeking to combine technological innovation with positive social impact, adding value to different segments of society, from individual consumers to educational and business organizations.