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About HeroesTD CGC

What are the use cases of Cloudspire Gold Coin (CGC)?

In HeroesTD, players can summon a new NFT Heroes by using two NFT Heroes. Each NFT Heroes can only be used to summon 7 times. After each time, the cost of using that Hero to summon a new Hero will increase. On the other hand, the chance of summoning a Hero with better equipment increases. The higher “Summon Count” a Hero is, the more valuable he can be. Details of the amount of CGC consumed for summoning can be found on HeroesTD's Docs on the whitepaper.

CGC can also be used as the fee to participate in activities of the game such as Challenge, Tournament to earn extra CGC. Players can withdraw the CGC earned from the game to trade on exchanges.

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About Cloudspire Gold Coin (CGC)