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Self-reported circulating supply
32,000,000 HELI
Total supply
888,888,888 HELI
Max. supply
888,888,888 HELI

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About HeliSwap

HeliSwap is an open-source decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that supports swaps of tokens within the Hedera ecosystem. The codebase for HeliSwap V1 is a Uniswap V2 protocol fork, which means that some of the most popular DEX features are now available on Hedera Hashgraph. HeliSwap is one of the most advanced DEXes on the Hedera Ecosystem, with a clear goal of making DeFi simple and accessible through a straightforward user experience.

HeliSwap was built by a seasoned team that has been building successful companies in the crypto space. The HeliSwap team has built a very intuitive, secure and scalable DEX platform and is now uniquely positioned to take it to the next level. LimeChain as the tech partner of this joint venture has even been involved in building parts of Hedera itself - a true tech powerhouse.

HeliSwap is the first community-centered DAO that actually launched a DEX and will continue to leverage the interest and contributions of the community to thrive. The DAO platform was also built by HeliSwap and is a first of its kind on Hedera.

Lastly, The DEX is ERC-20 compatible, which means that it can handle ERC-20 tokens minted natively on Hedera. This prepares it uniquely to support projects that migrate to Hedera from other ecosystems.