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180,525 HELENA
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About Helena Financial

Helena Financial leverages an intricate arrangement of elements to help manage costs and rebase rewards. Likewise, it utilizes game hypotheses and the human instinct to decide the most probable outcomes for those who purchase the token. The Nemesis team has carefully integrated these components to work consistently in the background to ensure a "basic and exquisite staking and rewards framework" for HELENA holders.

HELENA AutoStakes and AutoCompounds, directly in your wallet. Thus, buying HELENA eliminates any compelling reason to move your tokens from your wallet. Tokens you receive are instantly staked and set up to acquire rebase rewards. Helena Financial pays HELENA holders proper returns. The APY will be adjusted according to the DAO proposal after Genesis Period ends. Also, after The Genesis Month ends, Golden Epochs will start to show up at random times, boosting consequent epoch rewards by up to 100%.

Helena Financial will immediately introduce a DAO governance module to maintain sustainability and future growth. The APY will be adjusted during the first 45 days after launch according to the Genesis Period.

Helena Financial takes advantage of a "Positive Rebase" formula that increases the token supply, allowing $HELENA holders to keep growing their tokens similar to traditional staking protocols. However, using a rebasing token eliminates the need to approve and traditionally stake your tokens. Using a positive rebase formula, Helena Financial makes it possible for token distributions to be paid in direct proportion to the epoch rebase reward every 15 minutes. This is based on the total amount of $HELENA tokens held in your wallet. Thus, rebase rewards are distributed at every epoch (15-minute rebase period) to all $HELENA holders

Unlike previous staking protocols that distribute rebasing rewards every 8 hours, Helena Financial pays out rebase rewards every 15 minutes – 96 times every day – making it one of the fastest AutoStaking protocols in the crypto space.

Helena Financial is proud to introduce the concept of Auction Bonding to the crypto space. While Auction Rounds will help deflate parent platform tokens, this new bonding approach will also become another source of income for the Hellenic Trust Fund.

A particularly exciting highlight of Helena Financial is a programmed symbolic consumption framework known as the Impulsive Supply Control. It prevents flowing stockpiles from wild fluctuations that render them unmanageable.

A core requirement of any tokenization model is creating a 'utilization case,' i.e., a real-world, everyday utility. In light of this, Helena will be hosting a series of fun, theoretical games inside the eagerly anticipated Helena NFT Zone and Helena Club House.