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Self-reported circulating supply
92,650,000 OKI
Total supply
Max. supply
3,999,930,469 OKI
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Dear Esteemed Community, We take great pleasure in introducing you to the exceptional world of HDOKI - an innovative entertainment ecosystem imagined and created by OKI NEXT TECH.

The ecosystem offers crypto-backed rewards, cultivating an environment where competition, rewards, staking, and trading of NFTs & OKI Tokens converge seamlessly within a diverse multiproduct/multi-partner universe.

At the core of HDOKI's vision lies an unwavering commitment to provide cutting-edge games and applications, all unified under a singular ecosystem. Our approach is fortified by the principles of large-scale portability, primarily utilizing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), accompanied by swift and secure transactions enabled by Solana, the pioneering crypto computing platform.

HDOKI proudly stands as a 3E project, embodying Equitable-Earning-Entertainment. Our platform seamlessly integrates Use-to-Earn mechanics, granting users the ability to earn, stake, and amass OKI Tokens - a utility token built upon the robust Solana blockchain architecture. Serving as the catalyst for the Use-Play-And-Earn economy, HDOKI's ecosystem encompasses an array of captivating Apps, Games, Connected Board Games, Boosting Memberships, and a dynamic NFT marketplace.

All of these facets are meticulously managed through the proprietary HDOKI Console, a subscriber-based web interface meticulously tailored to fulfill the aspirations of our dynamic community and support a buyback economic strategy. This console ensures accessibility without compromise, merging user-friendly simplicity with unparalleled functionality.