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100,000,000,000 GZLR
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100,000,000,000 GZLR
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About Guzzler

Guzzler is the official creator of customizable and operable nfts for your journey through the metaverse.

The cars are NFT The wheels are NFT The body kits are NFT The performance parts are NFT Buy some rare wheels. Install them. Re-mint your nft. Create the most unique car in the metaverse. Get tired of your wheels? Take them off and sell them.

Conquer single player with multiple accounts and sell your car creations. Stake your tokens to earn performance part nfts. Stake lots of tokens and open up a garage and sell performance parts nfts.

Eventually go to another open world connect your wallet and drive around in your custom vehicle you have built for the metaverse using the Guzzler engine.

Blockchain: ERC-20

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Joey Poareo - Founder & CEO, Joey Poareo has been in board and executive positions across multiple industries from blockchain technology to mental health rehabilitation/healthcare.