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Self-reported circulating supply
2,147,483,647 GOLD
Total supply
2,147,483,647 GOLD
Max. supply
2,147,483,647 GOLD

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Launched by a team based in the United States, the Prc-20 token, named Gold, offers a unique proposition as both a meme coin and the primary currency within a dedicated Runescape private server. With a total supply of precisely 2,147,483,647 tokens, a number recognized by developers as the maximum 32-bit integer and famously known among Runescapers as the iconic "max cash stack," Gold aims to provide a distinctive digital asset for gaming enthusiasts.

Gold operates on a smart contract platform, enabling seamless transactions and interactions within the Runescape private server. The token serves as the main currency, facilitating in-game purchases, trade, and player-to-player transactions. By incorporating a digital currency, the private server ecosystem gains an additional layer of immersion and convenience, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The team behind Gold comprises dedicated professionals with a deep understanding of both blockchain technology and the Runescape community. Their expertise allows for the seamless integration of the token into the private server, ensuring a secure and efficient financial system for players.

While Gold embraces its status as a meme coin, the project focuses on delivering practical utility within the Runescape private server rather than relying solely on speculative value. By serving as the primary currency, Gold enables players to engage in various in-game activities, including purchasing items, trading assets, and participating in the virtual economy.

The token's limited supply of 2,147,483,647 units ensures scarcity, potentially fostering a sense of value and rarity within the gaming community. Furthermore, the integration of blockchain technology guarantees transparency and immutability, allowing players to confidently engage in secure transactions and ownership transfers.

Gold aims to establish itself as an integral part of the Runescape private server ecosystem, offering a unique digital currency that aligns with the community's preferences and culture. By leveraging the familiarity and nostalgia associated with the "max cash stack" concept, the token seeks to resonate with both long-time Runescape players and newcomers alike.

As the main currency within the private server, Gold opens up new avenues for economic activities and social interactions among players. The token acts as a catalyst for in-game commerce and fosters a dynamic player-driven economy, where individuals can trade, collaborate, and engage in meaningful transactions.