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Self-reported circulating supply
69,000,000 GOD
Total supply
69,000,000 GOD
Max. supply
69,000,000 GOD

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Enter the world of GodFather, a promising meme-based cryptocurrency designed to command the chaotic crypto space with robust tokenomics and an innovative roadmap. $GOD, the token symbolizing GodFather, sets itself apart from the crowd of meme coins, promising a captivating adventure that leads not just to the moon, but beyond. This project is an entertaining tribute to the universally recognized meme of the Godfather, carrying no formal association with the renowned movie series. The project is an expression of fun and amusement with a total supply of 69,000,000 tokens and imposing 0% tax on buys and sells, a unique trait that distinguishes it from the swarm of other meme coins.

The project begins its journey with a presale allocation of 70% of its total supply, with liquidity and marketing provisions at 20% and 2%, respectively, while 3% is set aside for staking and 5% for Centralized Exchanges (CEX). For acquiring $GOD, you need a MetaMask wallet filled with ETH, which can be directly swapped for $GOD via Uniswap. The 0% tax rate eradicates any need for a specific slippage, simplifying the entire process. The roadmap of GodFather is indeed enticing, starting from concept creation, social media channel and website deployment, through presale marketing, and ultimately a series of listings on various platforms such as Uniswap, Dextool, Livecoin, and Tier 2 CEX exchanges. With a goal of 80k+ holders, Tier 1 (OKX, BINANCE & KuCoin) exchange listings, and many more exciting surprises to come, GodFather stands poised to become a trendsetter in the realm of meme coins. Lastly, all marketing initiatives have been effectively managed by @BigGreenDs, bolstering the project's visibility and reach.