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Circulating supply
Total supply
500,000,000 ZGOAT
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 ZGOAT

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About GOAT Zuckerberg

Meme-inspired ideologyGoat token is a decentralized community-driven token that encourages users to partake in the Meme-inspired ecosystem. The main inspirational force for "mememizing" Goat Token is Mark Zuckerberg's newly born goat twins. To celebrate this austere event 50% of freshly minted Goat Tokens will be sent directly to Mark Zuckerberg's foundation as a Gift from the Goat Community!Binance Smart Chain ecosystemGoat token is built entirely on the Binance Smart Chain which helps to eliminate pesky transaction fees and introduce a seamless interaction within the community. Every transaction reaps benefit for users by redistributing a 2% back to Goat Holders and returning 6% to the conjointly-contributed pool.WHAT IS zGOAT?Community orientedWhat makes Goat Token unique is its approach towards incentivization of community efforts and one-of-a-kind incorporation of distribution across all Goat holders.