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10,500,000 GLCR
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Glacier Finance is a community-driven ve(3,3) DEX and DeFi power house - governed by veGLCR and living on the Avalanche C-Chain! Glacier Finance brings the best of community governance and DeFi front and center to live on the Avalanche Blockchain! Glacier was built with the mechanisms developed and shown through Solidly built by Andre Cronje. It uses unique incentive structures to capture deep liquidity, while offering a sought after emission token and the cheapest fees on the chain. Why Glacier over what is offered already? Glacier uses a perpetual model, where risk vs reward is constantly tempting users to engage with the platform in a net positive for the protocol and user. This model brings true support to the emission token to keep an amazing value over long periods of time with both protocols and retail users alike trading, bribing, and maintaining the protocol. The fee structure ensures that the utility and reward for holding and locking the token is high enough to support the required liquidity to succeed in low slippage trades. Ultimately using Glacier will result in: Lower Slippage Lower Fees Emission token with higher value Deep liquidity TL;DR Users can stake liquidity to earn GLCR emissions. These GLCR emissions can then be converted into veGLCR a ERC-721 NFT that represents your locked period (e.g 100 GLCR locked for 1.5 months represents 50 veGLCR vesting, 100 GLCR locked for 3months is 100 veGLCR vesting). You then can use this veGCL to vote on different pools you feel will be most successful in accruing trade fees or pools specifically being boosted with the Bribe mechanic by protocols. Once a vote is locked in, you will earn a proportional share of Bribes( trade fees + individual bribes placed on the trade pair) based on the amount of veGLCR vs your voted veGLCR.

This in turn creates a positive loop or fly wheel where users and protocols are rushing to lock veGLCR to get as much as possible and continually engaging in the vote mechanic to accrue trade fees and bribes from the platform. In return for protocols and platforms voting for certain pairs the emissions will then reflect via higher voting = higher emissions for the following week.