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GHOSTFACE is a BEP-20 DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain from Ghostface Finance - a ground breaking horror-themed investment platform utilizing an innovative multi-token ecosystem of BNB reward utility tokens, known as “Redrum Rewards”, to generate sustainable passive income for investors.

Ghostface token holders are rewarded with passive income in the form of BNB, which is the dedicated utility coin of the Binance exchange. This is accomplished through a function of the smart contract that utilizes a total 9% tax on every transaction of the Ghostface token, of which 4% is automatically sent to a BNB reward pool from which investors can make weekly claims. Detailed tokenomics describing additional features are displayed on the website. The BNB reward pool will be further bolstered and sustained by contributions from the addition of multiple utility tokens within the ecosystem as the project grows.

It is this unique, multi-token model featuring custom utility tokens with diverse tokenomics, working in tandem to solve the problem of sustainability and growth, that distinguishes Ghostface from other passive income rewards models that have failed to last. This revolutionary tokenomics model, referred to as “Scareonomics”, along with the developing Redrum Rewards ecosystem utility, is what sets Ghostface apart as a viable, long term investment opportunity.

In the near future, Ghostface token holders will gain access to exclusive, proprietary investment utilities, applications and features currently in development by the Ghostface dev team. There are also plans for exclusive merchandise and NFTs, all of which are described in the website roadmap with the goal of creating further demand and utility for the ecosystem.

The Ghostface token can be purchased on PancakeSwap or directly from the Ghostface Finance website using the "Speedbuy" feature.