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Ghost Trader has migrated from BSC TO ETH. For more details, kindly check the official announcement here.
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Self-reported circulating supply
67,569,866 GTR
Total supply
100,000,000 GTR
Max. supply
100,000,000 GTR
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Ghost Trader has migrated from BSC TO ETH. For more details, kindly check the official announcement here.

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About Ghost Trader

The mission of Ghost Trader is to offer a decentralized “hedge fund” that comes with superlative trading professionalism and a level of knowledge not yet seen anywhere in DeFi. We are creating a disruptive, tax efficient token that will provide participants with a double opportunity to gain returns in the form of token “dividends” on top of token appreciation.

This project is NOT suitable for the masses online who view new coins and tokens as a quick “pump and dump” operation. This is not who we are and certainly not the aim of this project. Ghost Trader is a serious platform that is best suited for niche clientele that would like to participate in a groundbreaking project that will synergistically combine great trading returns into a fully decentralized finance ecosystem.

The Ghost Trader platform has been carefully planned and designed to extract the best returns possible from global financial markets by utilizing our “ghost trader” and exceptional team of ex-bankers and trading veterans who have nearly a century of combined trading experience at top organizations. Moreover, the team possesses expertise on some of the most efficient spread betting platforms.

The focus of the ghost trader and team will be based on a mix of fundamental market understandings along with the techniques that professional traders use to control risks. They will be working for you. Some of the most profitable trading scenarios are built on the backs of other traders and funds that lack a real understanding of how to effectively deal with losing trades.

We typically enter a number of positions where other traders and funds are quickly exiting losing trades—allowing us to take full advantage of the crucial volatility “in the moment."